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The wimpy guy tells me that "guys are stronger than girls" and he throws down a challenge to see who can lift the other person for the longest time.  I'm 135 pounds and he's 180, but I'm not worried about losing to this wimp.  First up, it's a piggyback squat challenge.  He lifts me and then it's my turn to show him up.  Next up, it's the cradle.  He struggles, while I just sweep him off his feet and hold him effortlessly for a long time in my arms.  After that, he wants a bearhug challenge.  Are you kidding?  I'm a national champion amateur wrestler!  I lift him so high in the air with my bearhug that his legs literally lock straight from the pressure.  Then it's fireman's carry time.  I hold him high on my shoulders and jostle him up just for fun.  Then, he wants to try to deadlift me...and he throws his arm out.  I was able to deadlift him off the ground, with no injury because my arms are obviously much stronger than his.  Finally, he thinks he's got me with the cradle stand and sit challenge.  I double his number and could have easily done more, but didn't want to humiliate him any more.

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