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When I first met Dave, he made the mistake of challenging me to a wrestling match.  But because his site is all about StrongGirlz, he wanted to emphasize strength moves.  He thought because he's 180 pounds and I'm only 135 that he would be able to lift and throw me around while I would struggle to get him off his feet.  Obviously, he didn't learn his lesson in that first match, because now he's back for more.  This time, it's all about lifts and carries.  I go from move to move, picking him up in bearhugs, chokeholds, cradles, OTS lifts, fireman's carries, bodyslams, and my patented powerbomb lift.  He's off the ground more than he's on it in this one.  At the end, he's completely spent, and I flex over him in victory.  Will he ever learn that you don't challenge Jessie Gem?

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