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I start off doing some bearhug/chokelifts, lifting him high in the air with my arms extended straight up.  This leads to him pushing me around.  We then head upstairs, where he starts trying to push me around.  Well, I'll have none of that!  I give him one final warning before lifting him up against the wall and choking him out.  You see me hold the lift from two different camera angles, before I drop him and he slumps down on the floor.  I drag him by his feet to the couch and hoist him up on to it for a little nap time.  From there we try some wrestling lifts, including a front OTS, a lift where I basically flip him upside down and drop him to the ground, then some powerbombs, a modified fireman's carry, where I cradle his head in my arm and then proceed to make fun of him by messing up his hair.  Then we're in to a modified crucifix lift and my patented backbreaker (talk about him getting scared high across my shoulders!)  Then it's time to show off my muscles before putting on a leather jacket and high heels for a piggyback ride!  Then, I give him another one without the leather jacket but still wearing my heels.  Finally, we do a T-lift with me wearing my heels. 

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