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I just got back from the gym, getting ready for my fitness competition, and my muscles are pumped.  Me and my girlfriend are talking when our obnoxious, loud roommate walks in.  He's always been chauvenistic, but I'm in no mood for his "guys are stronger than girls" routine today!  Us two girls start trash talking him and challenging him to a series of contests, all leading to me picking him up and prancing him around the yard, while my girlfriend laughs at how embarrassing it looks.  I put him down gently on the lawn chair over and over.  Up in my arms in a cradle, thrown over my shoulder in a fireman's carry, crushing him in a bearhug, beating him at armwrestling, piggybacking him, and even beating him at a tug of war, before I finally tie him up at the wrists, throw him over my shoulder and drop him on the chair.  He won't be trash talking us anymore!

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