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I really love being strong, and I especially love blowing away people's expectations about what girls are capable of.  Take this 180 pound "wimp" that thinks just because I'm a girl, I'm not going to be able to lift him.  He never really learns his lesson, does he?  In the past, I've tossed him around like yesterday's newspaper, but today, I'm going to push myself to lift and carry him longer and in more ways than ever before.  I'm going to throw him over one shoulder and walk around flexing with him hanging there helplessly.  I'm going to crush him in powerful bearhugs.  I'm going to have him sit on my lap and stand up with him in a cradle...a dozen times!  I'm going to put him across my shoulders in a backbreaker and scare the heck out of him.  I'm going to climb the stairs with him while piggybacking him.  He's going to measure my biceps and finally figure out why I'm so much stronger than him.  If you want a video that's shows my "UNRELENTING POWER", this is it!

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