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Supermodel with Muscles

Starring Amy, 5'10", 135 lbs.

Amy is a jaw-dropping combination of beauty and brawn.  Standing 5'10" and weighing 135 pounds, she is a nurse that has been an athlete her whole life.  Amy pushes herself in the gym (and it really shows!) and was a little nervous at the start of this shoot that she wouldn't be able to do the lifts.  Of course, we knew she'd be great and her confidence increased with each strength demonstration.

 Any fan of our site knows that we push models to show their strength with long, varied lifts.  Some of these lifts went above and beyond, including Amy doing a long cradle carry walk with the guy completely "asleep" in her arms! (as in, no help whatsoever while she supports all of his weight).  She also does an amazing shoulder sit with a dismount that was frightening for the male liftee.  Bearhugs, fireman's carries, piggybacks, including one in an amazing dress that shows all of her muscle, armwrestling, posing, and so much more round out this amazing new video.

Approx. 24 minutes

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