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19 year old Beth is perhaps our "thinnest model with muscles" we've ever worked with.  A college track athlete, Beth weighs only 115 pounds, but rest assured, it is one hundred percent rock hard muscle!

We were feeling almost guilty at the start of the shoot, knowing the kind of physical strength it takes to lift a 180 pound guy in a wide variety of ways...the thought of having Beth do these lifts didn't seem possible when we first saw her.  Then, something happened.  She did a piggyback ride, and there was literally no "give".  She didn't slump over and she didn't collapse under the weight.  So we tried another lift.  From bearhugs to cradles and even a side suplex, Beth was able to do them all!  And she held them longer than many girls that outweigh her by 40 pounds!

Beth did a piggyback ride up and down the steps and broke our record to date.  Her understated demeanor makes everything seem nonchalant, but we were so impressed by her strength and can do attitude that we'll never again judge a book by its cover!

If you like super-thin, "wiry" muscle girls doing seemingly impossible lifts with a much heavier guy, this video is for you!

Approx. 22 minutes


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