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Don't Cross This Nurse!

Starring Jennifer 

Jennifer has become one of our most popular models for one big reason:  her sweet disposition, coupled with physical and mental toughness.  She's in phenomenal shape and her strength defies her physical size.  At 5'6", 115 lbs, Jennifer has strength that even some trained girls 40 pounds heavier simply can't match.

In this entertaining storyline video, Jennifer plays a home care nurse hired by the wife of a cocky and chauvinistic patient that just underwent surgery, but is reluctant to rest and certainly doesn't want the nurse telling him what to do in his own house.

What follows is a series of incidents that continues to challenge Nurse Jennifer's patience, as she decides to take charge and put her patient in his proper place.

Filled with feats of strength, "Don't Cross This Nurse" will entertain and impress. 

Approx. 16 minutes


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