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Katy: Dream Crusher

(starring Katy, 5'2", 123 lbs)

Dream Crusher is Katy's follow up performance featuring a full acted out storyline. 

Katy's older brother is training to be a pro wrestler.  He studies tapes and after months of practice is ready for his first match.  His sister Katy interrupts his TV viewing and after some teasing that he'll never be a wrestler, big brother demonstrates some of the moves on Katy. He struggles to execute power moves and lifts, even though he weighs 50 pounds more than his sister.

Shamed at his pathetic display, he tells her to leave.  Time passes and Katy's back, mocking her brother's attempts at being a wrestler.  Fed up with her cocky attitude, he challenges her to try some of the moves he showed her on him.  This includes mostly power moves like bodyslams, bearhugs, cradle carries, fireman's carries, side suplexes, as well as some submission maneuvers like full nelsons and hammerlocks.  With each attempt, Katy effortlessly throws her brother around, even mocking him by asking if he'd like her to put him down.  

Big brother has had enough.  He challenges her to a main event match, where the first person to get to 10 points, wins.  To score a point, one of the competitors has to forcefully execute a strength maneuver on their opponent.  They keep score, and Katy easily takes the lead early on, with a variety of lifts, where she holds him high in the air for long periods of time, squeezing the life out of him, rocking him side to side, and generally, embarrassing him.  But, does big brother have a trick up his sleeve that will leave his younger sister humbled? 

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