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Age: 22; Height: 5"6"; Weight:  130 lbs.

Esme comes to us as a university student majoring in gender studies.  She's a well-read, bright young woman, who is mentally and physically strong.  We met Esme as she's training for a triathlon, and while she was confident in her strength, she didn't think she'd be strong enough to lift a 180 pound person, much less in some demanding upper body lifts like cradle carries, fireman's carries, and bearhugs.  Not to worry, though, because she passed all the tests with flying colors!  We pushed her hard and she did some super impressive, extended length lifts that gauged both her power and endurance.  If you like athletic, pretty, intelligent girls, Esme will captivate you with her beauty, charm, and strength!

Video includes: 

Female Lifting Male

  • piggyback rides with squats and flexing
  • cradle carries
  • fireman's carries
  • OTS
  • bearhugs
  • cradle walks
  • piggyback walks
  • endurance lifts
  • armwrestling
  • posing
  • muscle measurements

Approx. 28 and a half minutes


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