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Image contains scenes from BOTH Part 1 and Part 2.

Gabby Volume 1

Gabby is a 19 year old powerhouse that's smart, strong, beautiful, funny, hardworking,  and any other positive adjective you can come up with.  At 5'4", 125 pounds, she's a girl in a traditionally male environment, as she's training to be an auto mechanic.  Having been raised on a farm, Gabby's no stranger to hard work, and demonstrated what good genes and lots of gym time can do, as she literally lifted a guy 50 pounds heavier than her, effortlessly in a wide variety of ways.  She has fun showing off her muscles and strength, and her personality is absolutely magnifying.  Gabby reminded us of a young Hilary Swank, which is high praise indeed!  

Check out part 1 of this video and stay tuned for part 2.

Video includes: 

Female Lifting Male

  • piggyback with squats, toe raises and flexing
  • cradle carry
  • bearhug
  • fireman's carry
  • over one shoulder from different angles
  • side suplex (with flexing!)
  • series of bodyslams from different angles
  • donkey calf raises turned into piggyback with flexing

Also includes short interview, flexing, and more!

Approx. 18 and a half minutes


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