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Tower of Power

Starring Ginger, 6 feet tall, 135 pounds

Ginger is used to towering over most people.  But when she encounters Dave, he seems to think she may be tall, but there's no way she's strong.  Oh boy...

You know the drill.  Dave's trash talking gets him in trouble with an amazon that enjoys emasculating him verbally ("hey there, princess!") as well as physically.  From endless crushing bearhugs, delicate and gentle cradles, fireman's carries where she threatens to drop him on his head, bouncy piggybacks, and even a short burst of explosive power where she hoists him up from under the armpits!  Ginger's friend, Mara, makes a cameo appearance as they do a cradle carry pass-off of the thoroughly outmatched male chauvinist.  

Approx. 26.5 minutes



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