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Heather is the epitome of the girl next door.  She's a 20 year student that is pursuing a career in architecture.  When we first met her, she knew she was athletic, with her background in skiing, running, and other sports, but she didn't know she was that strong.  She impresses us, and herself, as this 120 pound girl lifts 180 pounds in a variety of ways!  Not overly muscular, but hard and toned with especially strong legs, Heather is definitely one of our top "StrongGirlz." 

Video includes: 

Female Lifting Male

  • multiple extended length piggybacks with squats and flexing
  • cradle
  • multiple extended length bearhugs/front straddles
  • back to back lift

Also includes extensive muscle posing with focus on upper and lower body and armwrestling.

Approx. 24 minutes  

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