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Compilation Clips from Classic Models

Jennifer: Track Star

Jennifer is no ordinary 19 year old.  A university student athlete, her skills are good enough to get her to the Olympics.  She's a talented, ambitious young lady, that believe it or not, was not sure of her strength before our shoot started.  That was laid to rest when she discovered she's one of the strongest models we've ever worked with.  

Video includes: 

Female Lifting Male

  • multiple extended length piggybacks with squats and flexing
  • fireman's carry
  • bearhug
  • cradle

Also includes extensive muscle posing with focus on biceps, back, shoulders, and abs, as well as working out using weight machines and armwrestling.

Approx. 31 minutes  

Note:  there is an occasional 5 second period where the video quality is slightly less crisp and there's no soundtrack, except for a little dialogue at one point.  This is reflected in the lower price.


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