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Jessica Volume 2

In almost 20 years of doing fitness shoots, we haven't encountered a model quite like Jessica.  Sure, she's beautiful, intelligent, and extremely fit.  But she's also one of the sweetest, most captivating girls you will ever meet.  She has charisma, personality, and charm, as well as a reserved confidence in her ability that allowed her to push her strength to new limits.

Jessica is 5'5", 120 pounds, returns in her second video, continuing to show her unbelievable strength and beauty.  Starting with some muscle posing, she then destroys a guy in armwrestling, before returning to some strength challenges including cradle carry endurance (multiple long cradle carries until exhaustion); a fireman's carry where she even wraps her arms around his head in complete control of the lift; piggyback from the floor where she finishes off with a super deep squat (his feet actually touch the floor!); then she does a bunch of cradle sit/stand reps with him in her arms; finally she heads outdoors for more cradle walks, piggyback laps, and muscle posing (complete with another piggyback lift while flexing for the still camera!)

Check out Jessica: Volume 2 today and marvel at the prototype of the 21st century athlete!

Approx. 18 and a half minutes


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