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Jessie Gem:

Jobbing to a Real Wrestler

Starring Jessie Gem, 5'6", 135 lbs. 

Jessie's come home exhausted from wrestling practice and doesn't need to hear her brother suggest that amateur wrestling is "just rolling around on the mats."  She takes exception to this, especially when she knows that her big brother is a fan of "phony" pro wrestling.  The confrontation escalates and before long, a full blown wrestling match with only pins and submissions is on!

Jessie uses her amateur wrestling background to bend, flip, pin, and submit her cocky brother, while showing him that she's no slouch in the power department, employing all of his "pro wrestling moves" against him:  bodyslams, bearhugs, over the shoulder lifts, cradles, over the knee backbreakers, and even an incredible throat lift where she holds him high in the air before unceremoniously dropping him to the ground.

Through the match, she taunts her brother, calling him a wimp and a weakling.  She doesn't give him room to breath, and in the few instances where her brother gets a quick advantage, she rapidly turns the tables on him, leaving him prone to camel clutches, arm bars, inside cradles, and other humiliating moves.

You will not find a lift-focused mixed wrestling match like this anywhere else!

Approx. 20 minutes


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