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Hard as Steel

Starring J-Gunz 

At 21 years of age, J-Gunz has shown her commitment to fitness through hard training and good nutrition.  This 5'6", 135 pound athlete boasts great muscular definition and strength.  In this video, she shows off her phsyique, with tons of biceps flexing, armwrestles (and beats) a guy, has her muscles measured, and does a lot of lifts and carries, including an impressive cradle where she stands and sits with him, as well as squats him numerous times.  She also does a combination bearhug that she muscles in to a cradle, with no assistance whatsoever from the much heavier 185 pound liftee!  Other lifts include shoulder sitting, piggyback rides with squats, and fireman's carry.

J-Gunz will impress you with her beauty, strength, and determination!

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