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Now This is Power!

Starring Josie, 5'9", 140 lbs.

Not since Kim have we seen a model with the kind of strength that 18 year old Josie possesses!  This college athlete knew she was strong because she's a good old fashioned country girl that's not shy about working hard.  But, to see her literally rag doll and toss a guy who's much heavier than her around like he weighs nothing, is a sight to see!

From extended dancing cradles, to bone crushing bearhugs; from a torture rack backbreaker, to an over the knee suplex, Josie lifts him so easily, that she at times takes matters in to her own hands and lets an arm go while flexing like a footaball player scoring a touchdown!

She's absolutely cute, charming, and sweet.  Josie will captivate you with her chill demeanor and absolutely amazing strength!

Approx. 22.5 minutes

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