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Katy: Unmatched Power

(starring Katy, 5'2", 123 lbs)

One of our most loved models of all time, Katy is back in a lift and carry extravaganza, filled with endless displays of amazing strength and power.  Katy's rock solid physique boasts impressive biceps, thick, powerful quads, and a core of steel, all of which allow her to lift a 180 pound guy effortlessly and for really long periods of time!

From the lengthy cradle carries, effortless ots lifts, and piggybacks, to the adventurous bodyslams, side suplexes, shoulder sits, and more, Katy just laughs off each challenge with confidence and a smile.

Beautiful on the inside and out, Katy is a one of a kind girl that's sweet, sexy, and can kick your butt if she wants to!

Approx. 26 minutes


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