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Compilation Clips from Classic Models

Kourtney Volume 2

18 year old Kourtney is a university soccer player and has uncanny strength.  Her bubbly personality and infectious smile captivates, while her rock hard physique inspires.  Originally featured on our sister site, this collection of short clips has been assembled into one continuous length video.

Video includes: 

Female Lifting Female

  • fireman's carry
  • modified fireman's carry
  • upside down lift
  • multiple cradle carries
  • front straddle/bearhug
  • over one shoulder
  • multiple piggybacks
  • front/side carry (cool looking lift!)

Female Lifting Male

  • multiple extended length piggybacks
  • multiple cradle carries
  • fireman's carry

Also includes extensive muscle posing, armwrestling (f/f and f/m), and more!

Approx. 19 minutes


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