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Compilation Clips from Classic Models


Kristen is a university student studying to be a nurse.  She is also a team captain in track and field as part of the university's athletics program.  Her bubbly personality, beautiful smile, and athletic physique are captivating.  This is primarily a physique modeling video, with tons of biceps, calves, quads, back, and abs.  Kristen flexes so hard at times, that her muscles literally quiver.  She really knows how to show off the physique she's earned from years of competitive sports. 

Video includes: 

Female Lifting Male

  • multiple extended length piggybacks with squats and flexing
  • brief cradle

Also includes armwrestling, extensive muscle measurements (biceps/calves), gauging muscle size against another person, and working out on weight machines.

Approx. 36 minutes  

Note:  there is an occasional 5 second period where the video quality is slightly less crisp.  


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