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Twins with Guns!

Starring Kristy, 5' 6", 132 lbs.

Kelly, 5'6", 131 lbs.

Kristy and Kelly are two university track and field athletes.  Over the years, we've been able to work with numerous sister tandems, but this is our first set of twins!  Both girls are so evenly matched both in size and strength that it's literally a toss up as to who's stronger.

This video is mostly a flexing, posing, and armwrestling video.  The two girls take turns showing off their biceps, and calves, doing muscle measurements, armwrestling each other, and a guy in best of seven matches (not really competitive, as the girls didn't want to risk injury prior to an upcoming track tournament).

In the last few minutes, we are treated to an awesome cradle carry back and forth, where each twin picks up a 190 pound guy in their arms, and passes him to the other twin.  They repeat this three times each, and we also get to see the action from two different angles.

Video Length: 24 minutes

NOTE:  This is primarily a muscle posing/armwrestling video.  The lift and carry is only featured in the final few minutes at the end of the video.  If you would like to see the girls in a full lift and carry video, purchase the Strength Games Twin Edition videos found HERE!



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