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Lateeshia: 6 Foot Amazon

Lateeshia is not your ordinary, every day model.  Sure, she's beautiful, athletic, and intelligent, like all our models are.  But she's also 6 feet tall and weighs 190 pounds.  Oh, and that's solid muscle.  A collegiate volleyball player, Lateeshia is used to wowing people with her size.  But even though we knew she'd be strong, we had no idea just how strong she is.  The bottom line is that she "woman-handled" a male by literally tossing him around like he was a child.  And we pushed her to her limits.  The final challenge had her running back and forth from chair to chair while cradling the guy in her arms, standing, sitting, over and over so quickly, you can hear her breathing get very heavy from the strain.  Lateeshia does rag doll bearhugs, cradles, bodyslams, OTS, backbreakers and more with astonishing ease and for great lengths of time.  

Video includes: 

Female Lifting Male

  • multiple cradles
  • multiple bearhugs
  • backbreaker (torture rack)
  • fireman's carry
  • OTS
  • piggyback
  • bodyslams
Female Lifting Female
  • bodyslam

Also includes short interview, flexing, armwrestling and more!

Approx. 24 minutes


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