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Pro Wrestling Trash Talker

Starring Leah Vaughan

Leah Vaughan is a well known professional wrestler that has traveled the world, competing against women (and men!) with her unparalleled combination of athleticism, beauty, and strength.  Her recent appearance on WWE's NXT television show reinforced that she's on her way to bigger and better things...

but first she has to go through StrongGirlz's resident "humbler of women", Dave.  His confidence (cockiness?) rubs Leah the wrong way, and she doesn't appreciate his condescending attitude toward women.  She sets out to show Dave that a trained female athlete will always beat a wimp, even if he outweighs her by 50 pounds!  She picks him up every which way, and trash talks him the entire time.  There are some truly impressive displays of strength from a wrestler that's not typically known for her power move set.  

Watch her do long lifts including cradle carries, piggybacks, bearhugs, choke holds (absolutely awe inspiring!) and a side suplex where she does a stomach claw on him as he's helplessly draped across her knee!  Watch how she puts him out for good with some of the most incredible trash talking you've ever heard!

This one's going to be one of our most popular videos ever, and we guarantee you won't see Leah Vaughan lifting and carrying a heavier guy this many ways anywhere else!


Approx. 18  minutes

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