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Let's Humble Big Brother!

Starring Jennifer and Kate. 

Jennifer (24) returns to StrongGirlz with her sister, Kate (21) in an all-new "mini-movie" that shows why big brothers shouldn't mess with their little sisters.

The beautiful, athletic, and charismatic sisters don't appreciate their older brother suggesting that they cook for his friends that are coming over to watch the big game.  After disparaging them one too many times, they challenge him to a workout, where the loser has to cook for the winner for a whole month.  Big brother thinks it will be a walk in the park to out lift his "weak" sisters, but little does he know, they've been training.

Unimpressed by their muscles, he challenges them to lift dumbells and do pushups.  When big brother senses they might be stronger than he thought, he challenges them to harder tasks.  They lift him in piggybacks, cradles, and bearhugs; they beat him in armwrestling; they pin his arms behind him and make him admit that his little sisters are stronger.  The final humiliation is when they carry him down the stairs, toss him in the kitchen and make him cook for them!

Jen and Kate are so engaging, funny, and absolutely convincing in this entertaining production.  If you've ever known what it's like to have a rivalry with your sibling, you'll totally relate to this one!

Approx. 17.5 minutes


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