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Cool, Calm, 

and Strong

Michelle is 19, 5'10", 160 lbs. of power personified! 

Only a year ago, Michelle states that she was skinny and weak, with virtually no muscle.  Fast forward to today, and you'll see this 19 year old amazon has transformed her physique, which is now strong, muscular, and powerful.  Hard work in the gym has paid off, and we're sure you'll agree that Michelle might be one of the strongest models we've ever worked with.

Don't believe it?  She does cradles, holding them for minutes at a time, letting go of an arm and flexing, sitting and standing with almost 200 pounds in her arms.  Bearhugs, piggybacks and more are no problem.  Oh, and check out a first:  a bodyslam lift where she balances him on her knee while flexing her arm, and then hoists him back up and throws him on the couch.

Some models show their strength in the gym by lifting weights.  Our models show strength by lifting people!  And Michelle has definitely set the bar high for future Strong Girlz.

Approx. 17 minutes


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