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Overpowering the Boys

Starring Nicole 

Nicole is a beautiful, intelligent, and deceptively strong 18 year old whose smile will captivate you instantly!  Being a "country girl", she's not your typical "Barbie Doll" model, but is an athletic, determined individual that is more than capable of holding her own against anyone.  In this video, she demonstrates her surprising strength and power by lifting both her boyfriend, Cory, and Dave in a staggering number of ways.

From extended length cradle carries, to bone crushing bearhugs, Nicole takes things further than most girls her size would be capable of, and does awe-inspiring lifts like a backbreaker on Cory, who puts complete trust in her as she lifts him high across her shoulders.  There's also a T-piggyback lift, side suplex, shoulder carry, and so much more.  Nicole also flexes and poses, showcasing her especially impressive abs.  The video concludes with a true wow moment, as she literally drags both guys across the floor, holding each of their wrists...over 300 pounds of weight pulled by a girl that's only 125 pounds!

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