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Office Workout

Starring Jennifer and Kate. 

First Round StrongGirlz Hall of Famer, Jen C. returns with her equally beautiful and athletic sister, Kate in a hilarious non-stop F/F and F/M lift and carry video.

Jen and Kate are two athletes training for the Olympics while trapped in their boring office jobs.  Their boss is lazy, demanding, and condescending.  Since he's rarely at the office, they decide to get in a quick workout by lifting and carrying each other in a wide variety of ways, including piggyback, cradle carry, fireman's carry, and more.  

When their boss suddenly appears, he demands they return to work.  But Jen and Kate have other ideas.  Jen suggests that they continue their workout by lifting their much heavier boss!  Jen removes her shoes and scoops her boss up in to her arms walking him around the room in a cradle carry.  Then to his utter shock, she begins squatting him effortlessly!  She's 115 pounds and he's 180!  

What follows is a hilarious back and forth lift fest, where the phone constantly rings, and Jen and Kate take turns dealing with the phone while the other lifts the boss.  Cradles, front straddles, piggybacks, side suplexes...the boss can't believe how strong these two are!  

Finally, with Kate carrying her boss on her back, he takes a phone call and says he has to leave the office.  Kate won't put him down and says she'll carry him to the parking lot to finish her workout!

This will be Jen and Kate's final appearance together, so don't miss out and order Office Workout today!

Approx. 14.5 minutes

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