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Paige Volume 1

Meet Paige.  She's 18, a true amazon standing at 5'11", 140 pounds, and one of the most beautiful, bubbly girls you will ever see!  Just by looking at her, you can tell she's got a supermodel looks, but when you work with us, it's all about strength and muscle, and Paige has got both!  In her debut video, Paige flexes her biceps, showing off a beautiful tattoo, shows her legs that go on for days, and of course, demonstrates her unbelievable power by lifting a much heavier guy (180 pounds) every which way.  From piggybacks to cradles, vicious bearhugs, to high in the air fireman's carries, Paige throws the guy around like he's a feather.  Outdoors, Paige does an incredibly sexy posing routine, complete with pouring water over her biceps while flexing.  We dare you to find a better example of a beautiful 18 year old showing her strength by doing many extended lifts (these aren't your quick 5 second lifts, but rather super long and impressive carries) with a heavy guy, all while demonstrating incredible charm and charisma.  Paige may become our most popular model ever, and that's saying something!

Video includes: 

Female Lifting Male

  • piggyback with squats, toe raises and flexing
  • cradle carry
  • bearhug
  • fireman's carry
  • lap sitting with calf raises, then lifting him into a cradle carry and throwing him on the couch
  • piggyback from the ground
  • muscle posing

Also includes an awesome preview of Paige: Part 2!

Approx. 15 and a half minutes


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