Jiu Jitsu Girl

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She's 19 years old.  She's 5'3" and weighs 109 lbs.  She's a university student and competitive athlete.  She's BJJ Girl!  Over the years, we've worked with countless models of all different shapes and sizes.  Never though, have we had such a petite model demonstrate such impressive strength.  We thought BJJ Girl would be able to do a short piggyback ride.  But we couldn't believe it when she was able to do piggyback rides, cradle carries, fireman's carries, over one shoulder lifts (with flexing!) and even side suplexes!  Oh, and these aren't just a few second lifts.  She holds them for extended lengths of time, walks around, smiles, and basically proves that you should never judge a book by its cover.  If you want to see the competitive spirit of a 19 year old super athlete, get this video now!