Jennifer: Lean and Muscular

The following pictures are the exclusive property of StrongGirlz.Com.  Coming soon...Jennifer's video!

When we first met Jennifer, we thought this 5'6", 115 pound young lady would make an impressive edition to StrongGirlz, because of her muscular and defined physique. We didn't think she'd be particularly strong, considering many of our models outweigh her by 20-40 pounds.  Well, were we ever wrong!

Jennifer's beautiful smile lights up the room, but don't let the smile fool you!  She is super strong, super competitive, and determined to excel in everything she does.  During our shoot, she tossed around 180 pound guy (that's more than 1 and a half times her bodyweight!) in a variety of long, stamina-challenging lifts including cradles, piggybacks, bearhugs, and side suplexes. 

She flexes her biceps, which are as muscular and peaked as many physique competitors. But unlike many of them, Jennifer has achieved this level of muscularity in less than a year of training!  Her strength will impress you, her charm will captivate you, and her can-do attitude will inspire you!