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Renee: Delivering Super Powers

Renee is an absolute inspiration, transforming her body into a lean, mean, muscle machine! Now she's back to show more of her amazing power!

Renee is a 31 year old mother, whose physical transformation will amaze you.  Looking at this 125 pound blonde beauty, with calves of steel, you would never think that just three years ago, she weighed 250 pounds!  She was a heavier individual most of her life, until she decided she wanted to shed the pounds and live a healthier, happier lifestyle.  Without ever stepping foot in the gym, Renee lost the weight, as she describes it, by running through her neighbourhood, and playing on the monkey bars in the park.  Her job as a postal carrier doesn't hurt either, keeping those legs working day in and day out.

Renee demonstrates incredible upper body strength with walking cradles, bodyslams, bearhugs, even a brief torture rack back breaker!  Her legs and her core are extremely strong, far beyond what you would expect from someone of her size. 

Support this sweet, sincere, and confident young lady by checking out her video now!

Approx. 15.5 minutes


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