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Samantha (28 yrs.) is 5'5", 135 lbs.  Her varied athletic background includes soccer, volleyball, basketball, and dance.  She is sweet, charming, and has uncanny strength for someone of her size.  Samantha was so surprised that she could lift a guy that weighs 195 pounds in so many different ways, that there's a good chance any guy that steps out of line will find himself lifted off his feet and body slammed by this determined young lady!

Video includes: 

Female Lifting Male

  • piggybacks (with squats)
  • over one shoulder
  • over the knee backbreakers
  • cradle carries
  • bearhug
  • bodyslams
  • donkey calf raises

Also includes muscle posing, armwrestling, and more.

Approx. 24 minutes


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