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It's the most innovative concept in strength demonstrations:  Power Bingo!

We took Bingo and made it into a StrongGirlz challenge.  Our first ever participant, Shania, is a beautiful, talented, 19 year old musical theatre student, who lifts weights and is a yoga practitioner as well.  Her musical theatre classmate, 18 year old Freda, participates in many of the challenges as well, both as a liftee, and a lifter!

The concept is simple:  A Bingo board has a variety of challenges listed under each letter and number.  Shania must draw challenges from a bin, and complete them successfully to cover the appropriate spot on the Bingo card.  Also lurking in the bin are some "X" pieces.  She must avoid them and complete a Bingo before pulling the final "X."  

What are the challenges?  Some are straight forward, like "piggyback ride with 20 squats", while others are more adventurous, like "cradle carry a 180 pound guy as if you were doing ballet", or "carry him up the stairs", etc.

What makes this so challenging is that the order she chooses challenges is completely out of her control, so you might see her do several difficult lifts back to back with little rest.  Is she up to the challenge of completing Power Bingo?  Order the complete bundle to find out!

Part 1 approx. 12 minutes

Part 2 approx. 12 minutes

Part 3 approx. 11 minutes

Total:  35 minutes


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