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This new video series features athletic models competing in a series of lift and carry challenges designed to test their strength and stamina.  

Some of the challenges include:

  • piggyback squats and endurance
  • cradle carry for length
  • side suplex with knee lifts and drop
  • sitting and standing cradle
  • 5 minute cradle rescue challenge
  • and so much more! 

Stacey Volume 2

Stacey is a 22 year old fire fighter, athlete, and soon to be military police officer!  At 5'5" and 136 lbs., Stacey is the epitome of solid, athletic, and powerful.  She trains like a beast and is capable of lifts that most girls wouldn't begin to attempt.  Her gym workouts would likely scare all but the most conditioned of athletes, and her positive can-do attitude is inspiring.  How will Stacey do against the very popular first Strength Games competitor, Katie?  Check out part 1 to find out!

Video includes: 

Female Lifting Male

  • cradle rescue challenge 
  • side suplex with knee raises and drop 
  • cradle stand and sit challenge
  • bodyslam challenge
  • piggyback race

Also includes muscle posing, mercy fight, armwrestling (legit!), and a few bonus lifts including more cradle carrying, crucifix lift, an OTS where she lifts him totally without any co-operation, and an incredible cradle carry where she literally runs with him in her arms!

Approx. 22 minutes


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