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Tia the Gymnast

Starring Tia; 25, 5'4", 120 lbs. 

With a background in gymnastics, acrobatics and dance, Tia is an athlete that's as charismatic as she is strong.  In this all new video, she demonstrates her muscle control as she flexes her arms, legs, abs, and back in a variety of outfits.  She effortlessly does sustained lifts with a much heavier guy, including side stepping and dancing with him in her arms, tickling him with one arm while she keeps him suspended in the air with her other, giving him bearhugs where she jostles him side to side and spins him before unceremoniously dropping him, and piggyback rides with squats and a jaw-dropping display of strength where she presses him above her head and extends her arms!  Remember, she's only 120 pounds and he's 180 pounds.  Then there's upside down handstands and poses, and hilarious dialogue.  Tia has got StrongGirlz Star quality written all over her!

Approx. 22 minutes


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