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Tia: Spontaneous Powerhouse!

Starring Tia; 26, 5'4", 125 lbs. 

Tia's back!  Yes, the unpredictable, free spirit, gymnast-acrobat-dancer returns showing off an even more amazing physique than ever.  She's gained lean muscle mass from a lifestyle that's always "go, go, go!"  

This Italian-French beauty has a sparkling personality and infectious charisma.  She's amused by the notion that guys like to be thrown around by her and she demonstrates some impromptu lifts and carries with a 185 pound guy that's surprised by her uncanny strength.  This wasn't even supposed to be a shoot, but a casual social visit.  

From piggybacks and cradle carries, to bearhugs, and even a modified lift where he ends up sprawled across her shoulder, Tia throws him around and also gets in some light-hearted grappling.  Her flirtatious charm is instantly apparent and you'll find Tia to be one of the most special people ever to do a lift and carry video!

Note: This video contains lifts, some wrestling/grappling, muscle posing, and lapsitting conversation!

Approx. 18 minutes (the last 2 minutes are a bonus bearhug that was partially cut off by the camera)


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