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Real Life Wonder Woman!

Starring Jennifer 

Jen's watching Wonder Woman on TV, when Dave suggests that the very notion that women would be superheroines is silly.  He continually dismisses Jen and she leaves the room after their argument.  Dave falls asleep and imagines and dreams that he's an intruder breaking in to the house of a "helpless female."  As she cowers in fear, he feels vindicated, proving to himself that women are indeed not worthy of being "heroines."  

But soon, his dream turns in to a nightmare, and he's soon face to face with Wonder Woman!  She overpowers him, flexing her rock hard biceps, abs, and legs in front of him, egging him on.  She lifts him, in piggybacks, cradles, over the shoulder, and numerous others.  

In a final display of complete strength and dominance, she wraps him up in a blanket and is seen cradling the almost 200 pounder in her arms!  He's completely helpless to move and she literally tosses the "trash" on to the couch.  

He awakes from his dream to see Jen sitting next to him.  Confused, he realizes it was all just a bad dream.  But wait...why does his girlfriend suddenly have muscles?! 

Approx. 17 minutes


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