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Katy: Workout Interrupted

(starring Katy, 5'2", 123 lbs)

Workout Interrupted is our first ever video shot with a full movie script and multiple camera angles.  

Katy is a personal trainer working on building her muscles when a burglar enters her home.  When she confronts him, not only does he not leave, but he mocks the fact that she's working out with light weights.  She decides to teach him a lesson by putting him in a hammerlock, shoving him against a wall and lifting him in a bearhug pressed against the wall.  She holds him until he reluctantly promises to leave.  Resuming her workout, Katy is unaware that the burglar has snuck back in to the house and attacks her by putting her in a sleeperhold.  Instead of falling asleep, she muscles him up into a piggyback and calls the police with him trying his best to break free from the piggyback.  Frustrated, Katy decides to teach him a lesson once and for all.  What follows is a hilarious series of attempts by the burglar to get away, only to be constantly put in his place by the personal trainer.  Power demonstrations abound, including bearhugs, OTS, firemen's carries, cradles, fingerlock tests of strength, a sleeper hold, punches to the abs, and more!  

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Approx. 11 minutes


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